Cantik Luar...Cantik Dalam...

Assalamualaikum... What a beautiful day…My heart ‘s opened to write something in here,,,my blog yg agak lama ditinggalkan,,its bout few months I guess.. So,,, 

Not that surprise actually ...:p   Hope u guyz ‘re doing well…Enjoy reading yeah…. (^_^)v 
 For this entry,,I ‘d like to share my opinion bout
  “kecantikan luaran dan dalaman”
 Sounds bored..? never mind,,just continue reading..hoho…

 Yeah,,kita tahu setiap manusia itu dijadikan sama tetapi unik dari segi kecantikan baik luaran mahupun dalaman..kecantikan yg sy maksudkan termasuklah penampilan, gaya, self value, attitude, behavior, etc. 
It’s common to hear people ‘re saying something like

 “cantik d luar,,x semestinya dalamnya cantik jugak,,ye dop..? “ haha..

As we can see people kt luar sane (including kita gak sebenarnya),, rmai yg nampak cantik n tampan dari luaran,,tp kurang cantik dalaman. Ok, kecantikan dalaman or inner beauty nie termasuklah hati, value yg ada kt diri kita,, sikap n other things yg orang x nmpak secara zahir,,tp dpt dilihat melalui cara kita dlm berkomunikasi, kelakuan, adab and usually people perceive it through judgement or simply said apa yang orang nampak kt diri kita bdasarkan luaran kita. 

Actually,,dua2 kecantikan nie penting. Cantik luar or dalaman saje x cukup.Bcoz for me,, it’s indeed, interrelated between both. Mostly people tend to describe a person through his or her appearance. That’s wat we call as perception in the sense of how they
 perceive something kt diri kita. Yurp,, sy stuju to say luaran kita menggambarkan dalaman kita, however, there might be a hidden potential in someone that could not be easily perceived by others .

As saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover”…so kita x bleh menilai seseorang bdasarkan luaran.. Mungkin nilaian kita tu benar dan jelas,, but sometimes ada something yg kita x tahu bout that person. It’s okay to put something into judgement,, because we are free to make any as such..nd we know that live is all about observation isn’t it..?? Cuma no need to totally depend pd perception as “over judged” people   seems to be mistaken and will lead to fitnah. 
Individually, kita pown perlu behave in a good way so that people won’t label us with a negative perception. “Behave” here ‘s somehow bkenaan ngan cara kita control diri in respons to confront with some issues, environment or people. Bear in mind that kebaikan tu x perlu tlalu ditunjukkan as people might say that u’re not sincere in ur doing and just show-off. Let them perceive it by their own okay.. 

 Besides that, kecantikan luaran is not necessarily restricted to kecantikan or ketampanan dari segi paras tmasuk gak appearance which people gonna look at us, secara zahir. Maybe dari aspect pemakaian, kekemasan, kebersihan, etc. It focuses solely on that person, physically. When we started to look at how do they behave or act, so here we are about to observe something that reflects their inner beauty. Got it..? Another important thing yg sy nk highlight is about value. 
For me, value is something yg kite shape dlm diri kita n this value will differentiate us with other people. It reflects on what we perceive in our own self, potential, thinking, confidence level, experience, feeling and other things that related to our heart n mind. We might say this value helps in determining u urself,,, on who u are. Apa yg orang lain lihat pd diri kita pown boleh dikira sebagai value, as it could be revealed by our attitude, action, personality, etc. So, let’s shape ourselves with good values as it’s 
something valuable in one self. In fact, there is no beauty without value.. 
(many points could be explained, but now I ‘ve stuck wif my own words)..hoho :p 

 All of all, kecantikan luaran dan dalaman, both are very important. Kecantikan luar shj x cukup untuk menggambarkan kecantikan dalaman.. whereas, kecantikan dalaman kelihatan x perfect tanpa kecantikan luaran.. Appearance kita yg akan mempamerkan kecantikan dalaman yang boleh dilihat jelas dari mata hati orang yang menilai. Cantik itu indah…Sesungguhnya, Allah itu cantik dan suka akan kecantikan… 
That's all...xoxo..W'salam.. =)